Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel' (deciduous)

Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel'Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel'Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel'Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel'
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Septemberhemel'


Beautiful upright, late-flowering cape lily, flowers from August to September with deep purple-blue flower heads.

Origin2000,Seedling won by nursery De Hessenhof, (‘Lilliput’ × ‘Midnight Star’) raised by Hans Kramer, De Hessenhof nursery, The Netherlands. Selected from a bed of approximately 2000 seedlings and introduced in 2000. Still in cultivation.
Flowering periodEnd of July- September


Deep blue purple, medium sized flower heads

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