Agapanthus 'Pino' (deciduous)

Agapanthus 'Pino' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Pino' (bladverliezend)
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Pino'


Strong floriferous, deep blue and medium-sized deciduous Agapanthus. Only discovered it myself for the first time in 2021, and was immediately wild about it. Beautiful dark blue flowers, but also very floriferous. Is already the discovery of 2021 for myself and that is why we are going to grow it. He rightly received the following award.

This Agapanthus received an 'AGM' (RHS Award of Garden Merit) in 2019 during the trials in Wisley Gardens.


Would be from Germany

Height 0,5-0,6m
Flowering period

June- September


Deep blue


Good 'hardy', garden plant, patio plant, tub plant

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