Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue' (Evergreen)

Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue' (bladhoudend)
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Little Dutch Blue'


Selected by Rijnbeek in Boskoop


A low Agapanthus with a rich bloom that lasts for a long time. For such a low selection, the flower heads are quite large, light blue with a darker midrib on each petal.

Height 0.5-0.6m
Flowering period

May to October


Light blue

Plant place

Full sun in well-permeable soil, tub plant, patio plant

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