Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (evergreen)

Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Lilac flash' (bladhoudend)

Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Lilac flash'


Agapanthus 'Lilac Flash'. Evergreen plant with lush leaves. Thick lilac-pink flower heads bloom from June to September. Very clear color and a good grower. Spherical flower heads with large flowers and wide petals.

Flowering period

End of June to August


lilac-pink flowers

Plant place

Full sun in well-permeable soil, tub plant, patio plant

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