Agapanthus 'Full moon' (Evergreen)

Agapanthus 'Full moon' (bladhoudend)Agapanthus 'Full moon' (bladhoudend)
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Full moon' ; Agapanthus praecox ssp. orientalis 'Full Moon'

Origin This plant was bred by Richard Jamieson at his Black Dog Nursery in Cape Town, South Africa

Agapanthus 'Full Moon' is an evergreen that produces charming pale blue star-shaped flowers forming a rounded head that rises three feet above glossy green leaves. Each individual petal has a dark blue midrib that provides striking contrast.

Very beautiful full flower heads.

This Agapanthus received an 'AGM' (RHS Award of Garden Merit) in 2019 during the trials in Wisley Gardens.

Height 0,8-1m

Flowering period

July to August


Light blue, beautiful full flowers.

Plant place

Full sun in well-permeable soil, tub plant, patio plant

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