Agapanthus 'Ever white ®' (evergreen)

Duplicaat van Agapanthus 'Ever white ®' (bladhoudend)Duplicaat van Agapanthus 'Ever white ®' (bladhoudend)Duplicaat van Agapanthus 'Ever white ®' (bladhoudend)Duplicaat van Agapanthus 'Ever white ®' (bladhoudend)

Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Ever white ®'

Origin2018- Andy De Wet- South-Africa

Agapanthus Ever White has large, white flowers and is distinguished by its early and rich flowering. Ever White starts flowering in the spring and during the summer there is a new flowering. This beautiful perennial plant prefers a sunny spot in a well-permeable soil. Hardy to -15 ºC. Ever White becomes approx. 35 cm high and wide. This Agapanthus is a real gem in mixed containers, borders or as a solitary. Also very beautiful as a cut flower.

This Agapanthus received an 'AGM' (RHS Award of Garden Merit) in 2019 during the trials at Wisley Gardens. Also at the nursery, we have had this for 1 year now and this promises very well!

Flowering periodMay to August
Plant place

Full sun in well-permeable soil, tub plant, patio plant

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