Agapanthus 'Black magic' (deciduous)

Agapanthus 'Black magic' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Black magic' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Black magic' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Black magic' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Black magic' (bladverliezend)
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Black magic'


Remarkably the dark Agapanthus that can be found for the time being. Almost black. This is also very clearly an 'inapertus' type, which is characterized by hanging flowers. Deciduous, fairly hardy.

Origin introduction of R. Jamieson, South Africa.
Height 0,8-1,2m
Flowering period June-August

Tubular very dark flowers that depend


Pay attention to frost, garden plant, patio plant, tub plant, goes to black

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