Agapanthus 'Ascona' (deciduous)

Agapanthus 'Ascona' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Ascona' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Ascona' (bladverliezend)Agapanthus 'Ascona' (bladverliezend)
Botanical name

Agapanthus 'Ascona'


Agapanthus 'Ascona' is a VERY rich flowering smaller Agpanthus that forms a pole with a lot of stems. Flowers for a long time and when it is almost finished, it is still graceful. The faded almost wilted petals will turn pink, which gives us a beautiful color palette of blue, purple and shades of pink. A topper for outdoors but also in pots.


Currently unknown. Chances are he was selected by Kees van Duivenvoorde. He started to name many selections for European cities. Ascona is also a city in Switzerland.

Flowering period



Light blue with a lot of flower stems

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